Steward Hacks

We know working in the Security Industry has it’s moments, but if you want to stay on your “stewarding game” just follow these simple 10 steward hacks to ease your shift!

1. Wear the right shoes! 

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Just imagine this…you’re about to complete an 8 hour shift, within the first hour your feet are killing! Why? Because you’ve made the rookie mistake of not wearing those comfortable walking boots..!

Can’t find walking boots? Just remember, insoles are your bestfriend! Make sure you double up on those bad boys!

2. Layer up!

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We all know that winter is our worst enemy that’s why its important that you layer up! Get those thermals on and that extra jumper…remember, you can always take off a layer but you can never put one on!

3. Stay hydrated

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Whether you’re standing outside by a turnstile or in a bay directing spectators to their seats, it’s always important to make sure you have enough water to keep you hydrated. By keeping a bottle of water with you, it ensures that you will always stay hydrated.

4. Make sure you eat 

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There’s nothing worse than having to complete a shift whilst you’re starving. By making sure you eat before your shift not only gives you more energy, but it makes you less cranky meaning more smiles for all those spectators.

5. Toilets are a serious issue!

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By making sure that you’ve gone to the toilet before you start your shift, it allows you to avoid the “why didn’t you go earlier” lecture. Although we are only human, it does make your supervisor’s life a whole lot easier knowing that staff are deployed and ready for their shift.

6. Radio terminology

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Lima Echo Tango ‘ Sierra   Foxtrot Alpha Charlie Echo    India Tango (let’s face it) learning the phonetic alphabet isn’t on any of our to-do lists..but it can become super handy when you are talking on radio’s. By making sure you listen carefully to whats being said on the radio, it avoids a lot of confusion!

7. Plan your journey! 

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Planning is absolutely key!! If you live 2 hours away from an event/stadium, be sure to plan your journey before the day…NOT on the day! By checking your local train times/bus times it can prevent you from coming late!


8. DON’T forget your clip on tie 

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Yes…we all know the ridiculous burden that comes along when wearing that clip on tie..but trust us not only do you look smart but it also prevents anyone from pulling your tie and injuring you. So if you value your neck..don’t forget the tie!! Just to illiterate…clip on ties save lives..

9. Confirmation texts..please read them! 

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Trust us when we say this, those awesome little confirmation texts aren’t just for us..they’re for you too! Make sure you note down what time to book in and where you’re going. Nothing is worse than turning up for a shift at Crystal Palace when you have one at Wembley Stadium…

10. BE ON TIME! 

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Nothing is worse than running late, so to avoid all that aggro just simply go to bed early…yes we know it’s easier said then done..but it’s all worth it when you’re refreshed and ready for the day ahead!

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