QOGLR Engagement Day

Friday 03rd March 2017, Patrons of the Knights Foundation were invited by Knights Group to attend a fun filled day to experience a hands on ‘day in the life’ of a Gurkha Soldier..

Tony Knights, founder of both the Knights Group and the Knights Foundation has over the years built a strong relationship with Commanding Officer, Patch Reehal of the Queens Own Gurkha Logistics Regiment (QOGLR). Tony served in the British Army for over 22 years working alongside Patch Reehal who are both Commando trained.

Many years have passed and both Tony and Patch find themselves operating in the same community however in much different industries and organisations.

Knights Group who are patrons of the foundation along with many other inspiring, affluent businesses within our community have decided that their charity work for 2017 will be in aid of the Knights Foundation. Knights Group have a passion for helping children within Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, they are also working with QOGLR to help rebuild a village school for ex serving soldiers of the British Army who have been directly affected by the earthquakes in Nepal.

We along with many others had the great pleasure in being the VIP guests for a truly remarkable, hospitable day at St. Omer Barracks in Aldershot.
Upon arriving at the barracks we were greeted with tea and coffee as the Gurkha pipes echoed through the barracks welcoming us all into the theatre hall as they fastened tradition Nepalese scarfs around each of our guests.


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